October 9th 2019 | Central London

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We help people who help people.

Our business is to support your organisation, in every way we can.

In this increasingly connected world in which we live and work, customer demands are growing and so is the need to cut costs, improve productivity and drive better experiences. Keeping up with the latest technology is key to gaining improvements and providing the standards and services your customers expect. We are helping our public sector customers change the way that they work to reap the benefits of digital technology.

Our solutions are designed to support your organisation in a way that’s so much more than mobile. Our Unified Communications can help increase your productivity and help collaboration. And we can help deliver data and insights with our Internet of Things solutions to help you cut costs and optimise existing assets. All this is delivered using our reliable network connections, helping to make sure your customer’s experience is always a good one.


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For businesses today, growth at scale depends on total management of the workplace environment. Since 2005, Condeco have shaped global business, helping the world’s largest companies take control of and better manage their meeting and office spaces to increase the productivity of their workforce.

Today, our established products lead the industry and can be found, hard at work, in every market around the globe. Combining intuitive workplace software with exceptionally designed hardware, we pioneer next generation solutions that are fully connected and simple to use. Our integrated meeting room booking, desk booking and workspace utilization technologies help organizations adapt their operations quickly, efficiently and at scale.

This is because we take the time to understand each business and challenge individually, so our clients have the tools and knowledge to shape a more sustainable and efficient future for their enterprise. Whether by connecting offices around the world, providing insights and data about working patterns, increasing control, adding workspace flexibility or simply minimizing waste, we transform the day-to-day management of their most vital assets. All of which enable over a million users to get the most from their day, and the company to perform better.

And, as change continues to accelerate, demanding ever more agility, we keep our eyes on the future, pioneering ground-breaking technology that helps businesses to predict, plan for and profit from tomorrow with increasing future confidence.


We create premier audio and collaboration experiences for smarter working and better living.

Plantronics technology creates rich, people-first collaboration experiences so good ideas can be shared and heard—wherever, whenever and however they happen.

Over 55 years’ worth of audio and collaboration innovation are embedded into every one of our products. Our portfolio of integrated solutions spans headsets, software, desk phones, audio and video conferencing, and analytics and services, providing our partners and customers with the tools and technologies they need to create and offer the most focused and distraction-free environments possible.

Plantronics can be found in every Fortune 100 company and is proud to help the world’s modern professionals, airline pilots, call center agents, music lovers and gamers perform at their best.


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Tired of wasting money on second phones for your team? Are work phones left unused in desk drawers? Can you fully control your team’s use of personal phones for work? 

Another Number for Teams adds a second number to your team’s personal phones, on any UK network, via our easy to use app. 

Mobile costs are reduced, BYOD is easily supported, work and personal communication is kept separate, the organisation owns the number and work-life balance is improved.

Another Number is provided by Thumbtel who have offered mobile communications to both consumers and business worldwide since 2008.

Click here to find out more about reducing mobile hardware spend with mobile apps and BYOD...



Kahootz is one of the few cloud services that has been accredited by security conscious Government departments such as the UK’s Ministry of Defence and Department of Health and Social Care.

Building on these impressive credentials, Kahootz is now used by hundreds of thousands of people across public sector organisations, enterprises and non-for-profits to find smarter, safer, ways of working in the cloud.

It’s quick and easy for you to purpose your online workspaces for a wide-range of collaborative activities, including project management, collaborative procurement, file sharing, stakeholder engagement and much more.

To start a free, no obligation 30-day trial, please visit www.kahootz.com


Government Property Agency

The Government Property Agency (GPA) was launched as an Executive Agency of the Cabinet Office on 1 April.

It will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Government Estate and generate benefits of between £1.4bn and £2.4bn over the next ten years. GPA’s initial portfolio of 80 properties will grow to over 1,000 as it takes on increasing responsibility for managing the general purpose central government estate.

This is an unprecedented move to manage this property portfolio strategically to realise benefits that departments cannot achieve on their own. The GPA will partner with Government departments to find innovative property solutions and expertise to enable them to deliver wider business change more efficiently.

Matrix Booking

The leading meeting room and desk booking software. Award-winning, open, secure and specifically designed to be quick and easy to implement. Appropriate for the requirements of all modern organisations, Matrix Booking can be applied to a range of resources including meeting rooms, desks, offices, car parking and hardware.


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Smarter Not Harder

Smarter Not Harder was founded by Neil Massa & Simon Goodison to address the eternal challenge of managing 3 of your most vital resources - the time, the talent & the energy of the people in your organisation.

We approach every client's business as if it were our own. We believe a business like ours needs to do more than deliver great training. We put ourselves in our clients' shoes, align our solutions with their objectives, and collaborate to unlock the full potential of their people (and business). This builds deep, enduring and enjoyable relationships. To do this we need a great team and this is what we have. Everyone at SNH is a practitioner of SmartWorking.

We all walk the talk when it comes to working smarter not harder and hope that sense of integrity flows through into the work we do with our clients. We were focused on results long before it became fashionable, and we continue to raise the bar for the productivity industry.

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